Online Loans Canada - Applying For Payday Loans In Canada Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

1. How does Payday Loans work?

WizzPayday provides short-term loans to consumers 24/7. If you are satisfied with cocks or at night you need money - we are here to collect the amount of money. This is what we do for borrowers - we provide short-term financial solutions for your quick cash advance. In fact, we are unique, because everything is done online with us.

This is too simple a process - you apply online loans on payday and can deposit your money into your bank account during the day, depending on the time of day and whether it will be a weekend or not (NOTE: - until we we can control the processing of the bank once we can do our best to quickly get you money).

Online loans for payday will take up to 30 days to 60 days in Canada. You will know that your cost is ahead, and you will cherry-choose the date of your repayment, but this is an excellent financial way for you, it is easy to repay the loan earlier and you will only pay for those days when you had a loan - for everything intentions and goals, Pay back and keep.

Have you not paid your loan amount before? On your promise, on the day you pre-selected, we just take the payment directly from your bank account. For online loans in Canada, we accept small payments in installments, depending on the frequency of repayment. That's all.

It's about building trust. After you have learned that your object is redeemed, you will receive Earned Your Wings. This means that you will have an Installment Loan for Canada to return to #Whizzpayday Trusted Customer.

If you want to know more, go with us.

2. Is my information stored on the Internet?

You're safe! CONFIDENTIALITY ... we never know who can enter our shell ... we keep all information about you #SAFE and #SECOURE and it's not easy to get remotely; this means that your records are not stored on the Internet. If you want to know your balance of payments, click here or to get a copy of any documents, you can directly contact us by e-mail at

3. What information do I need to receive in order to receive money with money?

Contact information: We need to know who you are, so we will require your item, for example, #name, #address, # contact-numbers, #income and # unployed-status. We are surely a condition for sending you the # PIN number so that the mobile phone number is significant (if you do not have it, you can specify the home number - you will need to contact us from this number so that you will receive this #PIN).

Borrowers must have an account #Canadian #Bank - this can be a credit union or a commissioned #CanadianBank.

We will also need your bank account number so we know where to send you money. It's good to have this convenient source for you when you make an online application for a loan. Remember that most of the account numbers are between 7 and 12 digits. We also prefer the number of your pass (this is five digits) - also get the #bankamount with the number of your bank account found at the bottom of the check or in your application #bankamount. Your bank can also help you if you find it difficult to find a number.

For complete information on the collection and intended use of your individual information, you can read our term and Privacy Policy.

4. How much can I take at any time?

If you are a first time borrower, you can demand up to 800 dollars. The calculator on the home page allows you to accurately determine how much and how short and long term. If you have a traditional credibility with Payday Loans Canada, then we will feel guilty and establish a relationship - you will earn your fractions and become loans for payday to trusted clients ... allowing you to easily apply and receive a loan amount of up to $ 1500 for time.

5. Can I have more than one loan amount at a time?

You can only have one loan amount at a time. After you have paid the loan amount in a timely manner, you will be entitled to another, but, again, the first loan must repay the loan amount.

6. How much is the loan amount with Payday Loans Canada?

This simple drop-down calculator on the home page will tell you exactly how much your loan amount will cost. The less you take, the less you are worth. Unlike another loan lender on payday, we only pay for those days when you receive money (you applaud). These are daily interest rates, what resources you can pay anywhere in Canada and get the loan amount to $ 1.00 to $ 23.00 for $ 100 borrowed (this is a fairly wide range).

7. What if I have a bad credit rating?

With loans for payday, we perform credit checks as part of the decision-making process. We want to see if you can pay to pay us off. And, since we have an understanding of online money lending for consumers for more than 19 years, we have one of the most promising and scientific credit systems in #Canada - in fact ... so fast cash has advanced that we know your credit score is not the whole kit and zucchini. Building trust on payday and monitoring that you are updating with your accounts may be more important than a low credit score.

Just make sure that you are open with us people, as well as accurate and honest information about yourself, as you might think, to give you the best financial source for adoption. So do not worry if you have bad credit, it does not necessarily mean that you do not approve of growth ... but think that if you are afraid that you have bad credit, which, if possible, borrows more money, this is not the best financial decision ( we want to help you financially, not add a promising pro

8. What about the big debt? Payday Loans Online Canada consider me a loan?

We do not want to make difficulties difficult for you. Whizzpyaday wants to solve your small monetary needs. If you ask for a loan and you have problems repaying debts, we recommend that you talk to people at Credit Counseling Canada or visit (#FCAC) #Financial_Consumer_Agency_of_Canada.

9. Do I need to work?

Yes ... but the type of work that you do is not necessary. You can be independent, freelancer or work on a permanent job (without work).

10. Do I need to own a house?

Yes, Owners, tenants, live in Canada, we welcome you to apply. Returning to us, we provide loans to responsible people for their extraordinary expenses.

11. Do I need to specify why I will use the loan amount?

The only thing we do not lend for is to pay off the loan. Simply put, we will lend you quick money, and we do not ask why you require it. We just want to make sure that you can repay us at the time you choose.

12. How long do I have to refund the loan amount?

Your choice is easy to use our calculator on the home page and select the repayment date that corresponds to your budgets - anywhere from 1 day to 60 days. Canada. Generally, it is better to choose a date from a place to place the time of your next repayment date, or when you know that you will have the money offered for repayment.

Remember that if you want to become a loan on payday and pay us before the set date that you actually save, there are no hidden fees and it will cost you less.

13. How can I repay a loan for the amount of money with money for the payday?

You really should only require that the loan amount is on your account at the due date. The full amount will be charged to your bank account on that date. You can also return money and save! We simplify ... you can return your balance at any time before your programmed date by simply adding Payday Loans Canada as the payee through your online payment. Keep in mind that we can not work faster than the payday loans system allows. You will need at least one business day before the expiration of the deadline to cancel any time programmed for your bank account.

14. What if something surprising happens and I can not repay the loan amount?

We want to lend to a borrower who can repay us, as promised, is the trust we build and do; However, if you know that you can not repay the loan amount at our appointed time, you should immediately contact us on the day of payment. We will contact you to find out how we can help you more with the date of payment that you transferred, which will work for you ... but there will be costs, and this is not the best setting for you ... that's why we raise yours you can choose date and amount of the loan, which corresponds to the monthly budget.

15. What happens if I do not refund the loan amount?

If we have debited your loan amount and there is no money, you will probably be seizing your fees by your financial institution. And we will charge with # 1 time not enough COST funds. Your loan account will be sent to meetings where experts will be the best financial solutions for you to discuss repayment of the loan amount.

Remember that interest rates can also be charged on an unpaid balance, so you better choose the loan amount and loan term and policy that will allow you to pay us off on the promised date. Repaying us on time will also evade the bad debt that is hindering your credit ratings - this entry can go to your chest and affect your ability for up to six years.

16. Will you check my credit rating?

Yes, we check your past credit report to check some statistics; this is part of our instant decision process.

17. Do I need any certification to get the loan amount?

You will need to provide a copy of your last application or confirmation of the 2 most current deposits from your job or unemployed to your bank account.

18. How will a short-term or long-term period be required to receive money?

We will send you an email in which you will find out whether you were accepted and that the funds are on the way. Depending on your bank, instant funds can be in your bank account from a few hours to one working day.

19. Can I get extra time for my loan?

Payday Loans Canada is the responsible online lender on payday and we believe that Payday Loans Canada should be a short-term solution - as a result we do not include loans. If you feel that you cannot meet the payment date, please contact us.

20. What should I do if I receive money on weekends or on leave?

Whizzppaydayloans is an online service –

So, you can apply at anytime and anywhere in Canada! However, due to bank restrictions, you may not receive your funds until the next business day. It's always better to leave your bank, since we will send you an email as soon as the loan amount is sent to you.

21. How can I contact Payday Loans Online?

You can contact us by email or phone. For more information, click here - Contact Payday Loans.